Make your own household products


Make your own household products


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  1. A small, highly interactive introduction on basic actions, ideas and tips towards zero-waste living every day.
  2. A practical-creative session on how to make a household product and body-care product:
*anti-limescale spray and disinfectant- to clean the bathroom, kitchen appliances (such as the oven, microwave, fridge, stove), worktop, tiles, door handles, switches etc This 100% natural, inexpensive and easy-to-make product is the ideal replacement for many commercial products that take up a lot of space and are extremely harmful to our health. * gourmet chocolate body scrub, for yourself or as a lovely homemade gift; it’s the perfect present for all types of celebrations and events. This healthcare treat is very easy to make with everyday household products; it’s an ideal alternative to commercial scrubs which are expensive and often toxic for the skin. Both products can be made at home, there is no need for special equipment; the production process is straightforward and quick, even for beginners. They create zero waste and the only ingredients you need are the ones in your cupboard (or that can be purchased in bulk from OUNI). To promote zero waste, please remind people to bring their own containers: an airtight receptacle for the household product and a small glass jar for the scrub. We will provide containers to people who don’t have them, but the idea is to encourage people to upcycle what they already have at home.

Target audience: Any person who wants to make homemade products.

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