Our expertise

CSR consultancy and audit

Our mission consists of supporting you in drafting and implementing a CSR initiative in line with your challenges, that is fully integrated into your strategy and which delivers shared added value. For more information

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Themed workshops

Cultivate a positiveand healthy working environment by taking part in our workshops. Give employees the practical tools they need to fulfil their potential and deliver performance.

Training courses & Coaching

Improve your performance as well as the performance of your team and organisation thanks to our training and coaching programmes, tailor-made just for you!

Carbon footprint

Improve your carbon footprint with the V8 carbon accounting method. The Carbon Accounting method allows your organisation to measure the impact of its activities on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Butt Zero project

Raising awareness, training, installation of ashtrays in public spaces, collection and recycling. We offer innovative solutions & personalised support to roll out your “Butt Zero” project.

Our programmes

Programmes adapted to your needs


The mobility programme is a genuine company project that is part of a Quality of Life at Work initiative, an environmental management system or part of an CSR initiative.


We will assist you in the development of your well-being programme that matches your needs. We offer comprehensive support, including the identification of your needs as well as establishing and implementing your well-being programme.


shime offers a “Post-Covid programme” with well-being solutions specifically adapted to companies; they are easy and quick to roll out and consist of a series of workshops in various fields of healthcare.

Are you looking for financial support to finance your ESR certification project?

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