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Carbon footprint

Improve your carbon footprint with the V8 carbon accounting method.

With the adoption of the Paris Agreement, which committed national governments to a 2°C trajectory for the global economy, an ever-increasing number of public- and private-sector organisations are looking to take action to improve their environmental impact in order to help to achieve this goal

Carbon footprint method® allows your organisation to measure the impact of its activities on the environment in terms of greenhouse gases (GHG). It allows you to target the major sources of GHG emissions in your organisation. When these factors have been identified and analysed, the organisation can envisage solutions to significantly reduce its environmental impact.

Our expertise

shime uses version 8 ofCarbon Accounting® in four key stages to recordyour company’s carbon emissions and establish a low carbon strategy.

Appoint a pilot

& set objectives

Raise awareness among technical teams and management

Establish the scope
to be evaluated

Draw up a mapping of flows

Collect & use the data

Feedback to contact persons and management

Reduction action plan
and carbon accounting report

Action plan & feedback concerning the procedure

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