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Mobility program

The mobility programme is a genuine company project that is part of a Quality of Life at Work initiative, an environmental management system or in line with the social responsibility approach of companies.

It enhances your employees’ quality of life and performance, eases the journeys undertaken by your visitors, optimises your company’s mobility budget and reduces your carbon footprint.


How does it work?

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“The Climate Fresco” is a fun, participatory and creative workshop about climate change. Based on collective intelligence, it allows you to learn a lot in a very short space of time about the climate and the cause-effect of climate change.

Mobility programme - Working group on mobility
Mobility programme - Working group on mobility

02. Working group on mobility

The objective is to create an inclusive framework, where individual talents work together allowing innovative and creative collective intelligence to flourish. Management and employees cooperate to co-create a sustainable mobility charter and propose ideas.

03. Carbon footprint - transport

It allows you to envision the modal behaviour of employees. Moreover, it enables you to identify their environmental impact and the carbon footprint of your company in terms of travel between home and work.

Mobility programme - Carbon footprint related to transport
Mobility programme - Team building MobiliDay

04. ‟MobiliDAY” team building

‟MobiliDAY” team building is a discovery-based activity, allowing you to test various means of sustainable transport. The participants take part in a 5 or 6 stage circuit where they try out different alternative means of transport and discover several cultural landmarks in the city of Luxembourg.

05. Company mobility plan

The mobility plan is performed by the National and cross-border mobility service (service mobilité nationale et transfrontalière – SMNT) free of charge. They carry out a technical study to manage the travel requirements of employees in order to promote the use of sustainable means of transportation.

Mobility programme - Company mobility plan
Mobility programme - Action plan

06. Mobility action plan

The proposals of the different stakeholders taking part in the project (management, employees, SMNT, shime, etc.) are consolidated and subject to planning according to their level of importance and the global strategy of the company.

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The advantages connected to the implementation of a sustainable mobility plan

Advantages for management
  • Increased appeal in terms of recruitment and retaining talent through improved quality of life at work.
  • Enhanced image contributing to environmental and social responsibility (ESR).
  • Reduction in accidents at work and employee sick leave.
  • Improved effectiveness amongst employeesowing to the impact of practising physical and sports activities.
Advantages for employees
  • Gain in terms of “Productive time”during journeys, thereby creating the time to read, make calls, rest, etc.
  • Enhanced well-being, motivation and health of employees: practising an active means of transport, such as walking or cycling, has positive effects on physical and mental health.
  • Increase in purchasing powerdue to a reduction in transport budget.
  • Heightened safety owing to better management of traffic-related risks.

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