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Shime & le Chat Biotté #tousuniscontrelevirus

The shime company, based on the Contern Campus, receives a weekly basket filled with fruits and vegetables from Le Chat Biotté. The team unanimously decided to donate these baskets to the association Stëmm vun der Strooss, which helps people in distress in the Grand Duche, even more destitute in this period of confinement. Shime, as […]

Don’t throw away your cigarettes, MéGO! recycles them

As the head of Shime, a business consulting company based in Luxembourg, Stéphane Herard wanted to do something for the environment. When he discovered MéGO!, a cigarette butt recycling subsidiary located in Bretagne, he imported the concept to Luxembourg, Belgium and Moselle. And it works “Every minute, 8 million cigarettes are lit around the world. […]